09 November 2006

Lexis whores

littletortfeasor: 1255 Lexis points, baby
OpenandHostile: you are a WHORE
OpenandHostile: IN THE BIGGEST WAY
OpenandHostile: how did you get so many in one week
littletortfeasor: whoring
OpenandHostile: obviously
littletortfeasor: OBVIOUSLY
OpenandHostile: RIIIIGHT

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08 November 2006


My most fave conversation:
Littlest TortFeasor: RIIIGHT
Open and Hostile: Obviously
Littlest TortFeasor: OBVIOUSLY
Open and Hostile: Probably
Littlest TortFeasor: RIIIGHT
Open and Hostile: OBVIOUSLY
Littlest TortFeasor: It's like a beatbox....with words!

Loves it!

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30 October 2006

Obvious conclusions

littletortfeasor (10:36:58 AM): how can they pay to litigate?
OpenandHostile (10:37:15 AM): it's pro bono or patty is sleeping with her attorney
littletortfeasor (10:37:38 AM): patty is carrying the atty's baby and he doesn't want a malpractice suit

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Lunchtime is a little more sexy

Some days we need lunch sooner than others...

littletortfeasor (10:24:54 AM): i can't wait for chipotle
littletortfeasor (10:25:02 AM): my burrito says pour some sugar on me
littletortfeasor (10:25:16 AM): it's a sexy burrito
littletortfeasor (10:25:35 AM): it wears that foil for a little bit, but then it strips
OpenandHostile (10:26:03 AM): i feel a margarita now

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17 October 2006

excerpts from Civ Pro

Clearly, Tortfeasors Anonymous was in need of a re-vamp. We've got a new tortfeasor aboard (OpenandHostile) and have settled into that lazy part of 1L where we have time to waste.

PR tort (9:00:57 AM): guys we need to stop im laughing here
PR tort (9:01:03 AM): and it's being obvious
littletortfeasor (9:01:26 AM): yeah, this isn't crim
OpenandHostile (9:02:03 AM): i should drop out of law school and star in porn

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17 July 2006

Hi, my name is _______, and I am a tortfeasor.

Once upon a time, there were three tortfeasors. The littlest tortfeasor was loud and silly, PR tort lived on an island, and TK tort looked so good people often had to avert their eyes. These three tortfeasors were all destined to go to law school, and decided to cope with this by starting Tortfeasors Anonymous.

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